How to set up a Hotmail email account for yourself

Microsoft is one of the biggest software companies in the world, providing its customers with different services such as operating systems, email accounts and social platforms.

Microsoft email account is one of the best email accounts one can find around the globe. Microsoft email account provides you with excellent experience of using the email service.

The aim of Microsoft is giving its users free of cost access to the world of Microsoft and the diversity of functions that one can access with his email account. This is what makes Microsoft the best online platform.

Method of setting up a Hotmail account:

Setting up a Microsoft account is as easy as having a slice of pie. You just have to open the internet browser on any of your gadgets having an internet connection and go to the website

Select the option of signing up for Microsoft and then a new page will open on the screen displaying an e-form that will ask you to fill in you first and last name, along with the user name that you want to choose to use the Microsoft account and after that you have to set up a password for the secrecy and privacy of your email account.

fill in the rest boxes with your phone number, date of birth, any other email account to contact you in case of emergency and other mandatory information after that once you agree to the terms and conditions of Microsoft you have to complete a verification procedure to ensure that the person enrolling for the email account is a human not a robot.

Once it is done you are good to go and you will get your first email of appreciation for joining the prestigious platform of Microsoft.

Why choose Hotmail:

Microsoft is provides you with the best experience of using an email account it provides you with two different domains that you can choose for your user name that are Outlook and Hotmail.

A single Microsoft account links you with different platforms of Microsoft such as; Microsoft Office, Skype, Xbox, Outlook, Bing, Store, Windows and MSN. Now you can understand the diversity of the world of Microsoft and the benefits that one gets once you join the Microsoft community.

Privacy & changes:

The Microsoft account is as free as air because there are no sign up, maintenance, yearly or any kind of hidden charges. You can enjoy all the benefits of having a Microsoft email account totally free of cost.

The online community does not have a very good reputation once it comes to the privacy of the users. So if you are looking for privacy then Microsoft is the best platform to look forward to because nobody on the earth can access your email account and your information.

The password that you had designed for your account is the key to accessing your account so avoid sharing it with any other person in order to keep your information safe.

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