What is the purpose of two step verification for Hotmail

One necessary thing for our daily life is our email account that we have to check on daily basis and in some cases more than once a day. We share all kinds of confidential documents through our email accounts and that is why we want proper privacy conditions for our email account and that is why Hotmail uses the two way verification system for the privacy of its users and to ensure that nobody else other than the account holder accesses the information stored on the email account.

Two way verification system for Hotmail:

  • This two way verification system allows the hot mail server to send you another code once you have punched in your user name and your password on your mobile phone or on your backup email address that you have provided during the signing up process.
  • Once you have given both codes only then you will be able to access your email account but in other case if you lack in any one of the codes then you won’t be able to open your mailbox.

How to set up two step verification

  • If you’re accessing your account through your android phone then you must go to the settings option on your mobile phone.
  • After that you have to go to the option of security where you will see the option of two way verification system.
  • You have to turn that feature on and then you are good to go. The two way verification system will be activated on your email account.

Benefits of the two way verification system

  • The first and the most important benefit of the two way verification system is that it respects your privacy and secrecy.
  • It does not let the scammers to access the information on your email account.
  • If a person gets your password for your Hotmail account he won’t be able to access it because he would require another in code that is sent on the mobile phone of the account holder.
  • The code may be sent to you in the form of text message or a recorded voice through an automated call.
  • This way you Hotmail account will remain safe and sound from people who want to breach your personal information.

Features of two way verification system

  • There are many features of the two way verification system for Hotmail account.
  • It allows your personal information to stay safe from the information burglars.
  • In case if you can’t recall the characters of your email account password then through this method you can reset your password.
  • This feature is only introduced for the safety and privacy of the Hotmail account users.
  • Although this system is very much time consuming and one may get frustrated going through these checks every time he or she logs in to their Hotmail account but this is the safest path and it will keep your personal information hidden from the world.

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